Lashing are a type of knot that helps to connect two or more pieces of poles together. You may also use lashings to tie poles to other structures like a tree or a pillar. They are extremely useful when you want to create structure out of poles and are an essential skill set for scouts in building pioneering projects.

Four of the basic lashings a scout should learn are as follow:

  • Square Lashing
  • Diagonal Lashing
  • Tripod Lashing (figure of eight)
  • Sheer Lashing

Other interesting lashings:

  • Continuous Square Lashing
  • Japanese Square Lashing
  • Filipino Diagonal Lashing
  • Tripod Lashing (gadget)
  • Clover Leaf Lashing

Square Lashing

The square lashing is a knot that connects two poles. While it can work with most angles between the poles, it is at its maximum strength when the two pole are 90 degrees to each other.

In order to learn the square lashing you have to first know how to tie the Clove Hitch. Please refer to the basic knots page if you are unsure.