The art of knotting is one of the most useful life skill a scout can pick up. Form learning how to tie everyday knots like a double slip reef knot with their shoe lace to tying a dress tie or advanced applications in pioneering, knotting is a skill that can be applied to many areas of life.

There are many categories of knots that scout can learn. The following are some of the common categories of knotting.

Hitch - A knot tied to a post, cable, ring, or spar.

Bend - A knot uniting two lines.

Loop - A knot used to create a closed circle in a line.

Lashing - A knot used to hold (usually) poles together or secure poles onto another object or structure.

Whipping - A binding knot used to prevent another line from fraying.

Splicing - A knot formed by interweaving strands of rope rather than whole lines. More time-consuming but usually stronger than simple knots.