Pulau Ketam Cleanup & kayak expedition 2019

Singapore’s shoreline is seeing an increasing trend of coastal litters, from fish farms, passing vessels as well as those coming from inland. Pulau Ubin is a natural habitat to many of the plant and animal species and a home to some native species that cannot be found on mainland Singapore. There are greater calls for conservation and protection of the biodiversity of the island. Through this event, we are hoping to provide opportunities for youths to build skills and competencies, which they usually do not get exposed to, and to share more about how each and every one can do their parts in this conservation effort.

Inline with International Coastal Cleanup Day 2019, West Area Ventures & Rover is organizing a Kayak Expedition to Pulau Ubin cum Coastal Cleanup at Pulau Ketam on 21st to 22nd September 2019. Participants will kayak from mainland Singapore to Pulau Ubin on double kayaks and subsequently participate in a coastal clean-up at Pulau Ketam (an island off Pulau Ubin – about 400m away). Participants will then stay over for a night in tents on Jelutong Beach, Pulau Ubin. Details as follows

Prerequisite: Minimum 2 Star Kayaking certified


Event Name: Pulau Ketam Cleanup & Kayak Expedition 2019

Date: 21st September 2019 to 22nd September 2019

Briefing Date: 7th September 1000hrs @ Yuhua Community Club

Activity Fee: $80.00 per pax (not including the cost for the attainment of kayak certification)

Mode of payment TBC at later date.

Age: 15 years old to Adult Leaders

Prerequisite: Minimum 2 Star Kayaking Certification (Must have proof of certification)

Scout who are interested to participate in the activity but have yet to achieve their 2 Star Kayaking certification are encouraged to take up upcoming 1 and or 2 star Kayaking courses with fellow participants. Upon sign up, all participants and staff will be added to a whatsapp group and admin will help to coordinate common dates for participants to self signup for public run courses (recommend to signup with Passion Wave). If sufficient demand is present, organisers may consider for organised class. Bellow are a list of the upcoming Passion Wave 1 and 2 Star Kayaking Courses.


1 Star Kayak Certification

All Passion Wave 1 Star @ $72.00 / pax 10am to 5pm

Passion Wave @ Pasir Ris

1. 20th & 21st July

2. 3rd & 4th August

3. 17th & 24th Aug

Passion Wave @ Sembawang

1. 13th & 14th July

2. 27th & 28th July

Passion Wave @Marina Bay

1. 27th & 28th July

2. 17th & 18th August

2 Star Kayak Certification

All Passion Wave 2 Star @ $87.30 / pax 10am to 5pm

Passion Wave @ Pasir Ris

1. 20th & 28th July

Passion Wave @ Sembawang

1. 20th & 28th July

2 star course in August to be updated when available.