Patrol roles

Troop leader - Neraj

QuarterMaster - RIZKY

Scribe - 


Loewe  - Patrol Leader

Hou Yin  - Assistant Patrol Leader

Clement - Patrol Quater-master

Caden - Assistant Quater-master

Sherman - Patrol Scribe

Ming Feng - Patrol Cook



Vivek  - Patrol Leader

Htike  - Assistant Patrol Leader

Shu Jie - Assistant Patrol Leader

Shakir  - Assistant Patrol Leader

Ivan  - Patrol Quater-master

Jia He  - Patrol Scribe

Gaddiel - Patrol Cook

Roles and Responsibilities

Patrols , which are part of a Scout group, are self- functioning teams of 6 to 8 scouts of different ages. Hence, patrols members will take up various patrol functions to help the patrol through their patrol life. While there are functional roles like the PL/APL, QM and Scribe that are necessary roles within all patrols, other patrol roles may be created by the patrol as they deem fit. Each member can also hold multiple roles that do not overlap in duties. The key is shared responsibilities, where every patrol member, regardless of age and experience, have an opportunity to practice leadership and contribute to their patrol's success.

The following are some of the the roles within Gryphon Scouts Group and their area of responsibilities: 

Troop Leader

Patrol Leader

Quarter Master


Patrol Scribe

Patrol Cook

Patrol Quarter Master

Assistant Patrol Leader

Patrol Welfare

Patrol Timer

Patrol Quarter-Master

Assistant Patrol Leader