Reflection Writing

Reflection writing is a thinking practice where a person describes a recent observations(see) , experiences(do) and thoughts(think) they just had and consider how it makes them feel and shape their thinking and knowledge.

There are no right or wrong ways to reflective thinking, there are just questions to explore. However it is a skill that takes some practice. The more you reflect, the more you are able to learn how to have a positive gain out of any situations.

Scouts are highly encouraged to do reflection writings after each activity and record them within their scouting journal. While there are many methods to reflection writing, the following past, present and future method may be a simple start for you!


Think back at what you have experienced. What about the other activities and things you have experienced? How do they interact or change your views of this experience?


Analyse! Don't just write about the who, what and when. Think about Why? and How? Write about your Thoughts and Feelings of your experience.


So What? How will the How and Why matter for the future? How will your Thoughts and Feelings change how you think, feel and act in the future?

When to write?

The best time to write is right after the observation, experience or thoughts. This is known as Hindsight or the Ah Huh! If you are not able to write immediately, at least keep it within the day or you will soon forget it all!

Over time as you gain even more hindsight, it is good to read your first reflection, think back again on this experience and write your 2nd reflection. Retrospective reflections can often gain you more insights than the first reflection.